Mozart’s lesser known opera “The Magic Fruit”. With male lead, Ta-mango, comic relief character Papaya-geno. It’s wholesome and full of vitamins.

Pit orchestra staffed by actual pits from fruits.

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If you ever get sad, remember that there’s a mash-up of “Under the Sea” and “Ms. New Booty.”

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On her sixteenth birthday, Stefan gave Maleficent a gift. He told her it was true love’s kiss.

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he was a boy

she was a girl

can i make it any more heteronormative

he was a punk, she did ballet

why couldnt they be gay

He wanted girls, she’d never tell,
But secretly she wanted girls as well

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do re mi fa so done with this semester

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no money no family 16 in the middle of miami 

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Sherlock the animated series 

Sherlock the animated series